Most Frequently Asked Questions by Models

Q. How Do I get payed?
A. Our payment solution is processed through Bank Transfer/Paypal and payments are made monthly.
Q. Do I the model have a limit of how much I post?
A. Yes. Customers obviously will be looking to be engaged with a reasonable amount of content being posted. For example if you don’t post anything for a week then that is not good. holds the right to remove your account at any time if we feel that you are not using the service as it’s intended. Customers are encouraged to file complaints if they feel that the model is not posting content frequently at which point they can be issued a refund. Too many refunds or chargebacks will result in model being canceled and removed from

Q. How do I know that a customer has joined?
A. Immediately after a payment is made you will receive an email notifying you of the customers name, email and username.

Q. Can I ban customers for screenshotting?
A. YES. You have full control over your privacy of your content. Send us an email of the customer and we will ban them for you from ever being able to use our service.

Q. Can I set my own pricing?
A. YES! You have full control over your pricing, you need to contact [email protected] to change the pricing, We only offer monthly subscription plan.

Q. Am I required to perform or show anything specific inside my private account?
A. NO. You have full control over what you show. Our terms also let your customers know this fact. We do encourage though that you post daily so that your customers stay engaged. Your customers can cancel anytime.

Q. What methods of payment are offered?
A. Payments are made via Bank Transfer and Paypal. Payment is released after model reaches minimum threshold of 100$.

Q. Does have an association with instagram or snapchat?
A. NO. We do not have any association with them whatsoever. We do not link or work with any social networks. We only work as a payment solution for you to be able allow customers access to your private accounts.

Q. What are the rates?
A. The rates may vary. Please contact [email protected]

Q. How do I cancel using the service?
A. Please send an email using your email that you registered with asking to be removed from the website. Be aware that any of your customers monthly subscriptions will stop at that time.

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